About Us

Smart Keeper is a supplier of some of the leading physical cybersecurity technologies and physical data security products.

We pride ourselves in quality, value, variety, and versatility. We want to be a one-stop shop for most of your physical cybersecurity needs, and we love to serve our partners in this evolving industry.

Our customer base includes everyone from distributors, installers, commercial businesses, municipalities, educational institutions, and end users. We have products designed for all sectors of the market and our product portfolio ranges from simple solutions to advanced IT and AV configurations.

The Stakes are High

Although the subject of cybersecurity is so hot and the stakes so high that companies, governments, agencies, and enterprises of every kind will be spending more than $170 billion a year on cybersecurity this year alone, most of those data networks are still leaving their front doors open. The physical points of access – data ports and connectors – are unprotected, while billions are thrown at cybersecurity software, programs, and cloud-based solutions. The obvious vulnerability is not so obvious.

That’s where Smart Keeper comes in. We’ve made it our mission to help organizations and individuals protect their open – and unguarded – ports from malware, ransomware, viruses, and data theft.