• Block physical access to RJ-45 Network ports
  • Prevent users from inserting cables, devices or foreign objects without permission
  • Quick, easy & simple to use
  • Also available in packs of 20 (without key)
  • 2 year warranty


With the LINDY RJ-45 Port Blocker, you can quickly block open network ports and easily prevent users from connecting cables, devices or inserting foreign objects without permission.

This helps protect against unauthorized access to a network or system, as well as preventing unintentional or malicious damage to ports. It can also act as a visual cue, showing inactive or disconnected ports.

The semi-permanent RJ-45 Port Blocker is made up of a molded plastic blocking cap that plugs securely into the RJ-45 port with a special insertion key. The blocker latches into the RJ-45 just as a network cable would and stays in place until removed using the insertion key.

To use, simply attach a blocker to the key and plug it into the port. Hold the blocker in place and pull away the Key. To remove, simply insert the Key back into the blocker until it ?clicks? and pull it away. Easy!

Part No. 40472