The CyberD SFP Lock Key is used to unlock the CyberD SFP Port Lock. Keys and locks must be the same color for successful removal.

Our SFP Lock Key does not require any IT experience to use. If you know how to use a padlock or house key then you will be able to effectively use our product to unlock your CyberD SFP Port Locks. To unlock your port lock simply insert the key to disengage the lock. The convenient style of the key allows you to unlock the flush design of your CyberD SFP port lock. This allows your port lock to be resistant to being forcibly removed without the appropriately matched key.

The CyberD Lock Key is readily available in 2 color codes, Red and Green. This allows the key to be easily matched to the appropriate CyberD SFP Port Lock and can be recognized across multiple deployments. This makes our SFP Lock Key perfect for large scale operations, since 1 key can unlock all port locks of the same color.


Part No. CD34101